Q: What is Sleeping Outside the Box About?
A: Have you ever gone on a trip and woken up in a hotel room and had no idea where you were? You could travel all across the country and the only difference in your hotel room would be the floral pattern of the bedspread or the landscape painting over the headboard. There are so many different kinds of lodging out there that are unique enough to be destinations in themselves. The goal of Sleeping Outside the Box is to find those places and share information to keep them open.

Q: What’s your Facebook address?
A: https://www.facebook.com/Sleepingoutsidethebox

Q: Why do some hotels have reviews and others don’t?
A: I will only write reviews of places I have visited. I will accept reader submitted reviews and they will be labeled as such. I will only post reviews that are at least mostly positive. One of the main purposes of this site is to keep these unique places around so negative reviews don’t fit. If I get enough negative reviews or if I visit a place and find it is really awful, I will simply remove its listing from the site.

Q: How do I get a place listed on your website?
A: You can send me the information and I will review it. If it looks like something that is a good fit, I will add it.

Q: How do I get a review of my place on your website?
A: You can wait for me to get enough time and money together to visit it or you can offer a free stay. If I think that your lodging is something that meets our criteria, I will visit. I can promise a fair review after my stay.

Q: What is your criteria for deciding to list a place?
A: I am looking for places that are unique, unusual, kitschy, offbeat, and fun. Number 1 criteria: The rooms must be special. If the lobby is awesome but the rooms are boring, it just won’t cut it. (Las Vegas hotels are a prime example of this). If the rooms are not special, it must be a really, really unique location or experience to make up for it.

Q: Who are you?
A: I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia, near Virginia Beach. This is a hobby, not a job, sadly. I have done a lot of traveling and plan to do lots more. I have been a travel agent and a teacher in Japan. I currently work in a library.

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